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The 9” Real Feel Deluxe Vibrating Dildo by Pipedream is a great toy for more experienced couples looking to mix things up or for a new angle on multi-partner play!

Compared to any other dildo in my tickle trunk, this one is by far the most realistic. But at Real Feel Deluxe Dildo9” in length and 2” in diameter, it’s a BEAST which means that I would recommend this one for more experienced players. If you are new to multi-partner play and strap-ons, or you’re just starting to experiment with some pegging play, the REAL Feel Deluxe will be about as intimidating as an Amazonian Anaconda. But once you get a few strokes under your belt, this makes for a great upgrade that can be a lot of fun!

I just happen to be one of those girls that likes a little role reversal. I’ve used lots of dildos in my day on girls that like girls, bi guys, and guys that just want to try a little prostate massage, but to be clear, never on my current boyfriend who will appreciate me clarifying that “no, this will never penetrate his virgin hole”.

So why do I like the REAL dildo?

Well…for starters…it vibrates. Anything that goes buzz in the night gets an extra gold star in my book. Vibrations generally equal more pleasure which equals more fun for him and her.

It has a suction cup base that attaches to almost any smooth surface. Position it at the perfect height to suit your mood and thrust your way to a mind-blowing orgasm while your hands are free to play with you or your partner.

It’s completely waterproof so you and your partner can enjoy wet and wild play in the tub, the shower, the hot tub and more.

It is strap-on compatible so you can use it in a plethora of pleasure plays (that’s my “triple P”). If he’s into pegging, put it in a harness for hands free penetration. If you just happen to find yourself in a threesome (either FMF or MFM) or foursome, well…let’s just say that this toy can be fun for everyone!

It mimics the softness of real skin and has a lifelike appearance with a pronounced head and veins leading to a more pleasurable, realistic ride.

Overall, this is a great couple’s toy and not much needs improving but I’m a huge advocate for safe sex so here’s my plug…

Safety first! If you plan to share your toy between partners, put a condom on it. This toy is porous which means that bacteria can find a way to grow. I ALWAYS sleeve my toys and this one is no exception.

Secondly, although the REAL Feel Deluxe claims to be phthalate-free, like many adult toys, it is also advertised as “sold as a novelty only” which means it lacks regulatory accountability.

For more information on this, check out this article – The Safety Dance: Sex Toy Safety in a New Generation.

Putting a condom on your toy will not minimize its pleasure. Just be sure to pick up a package of extra large because this bad boy is a beast.

Enjoy the toy!


Founder of Club Eden a Fantasy Club for Couples

and Sex Get Over It (Blog)

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I’m so excited….I learned about something new today – the Female G-spot enhancement procedure, otherwise known as the “Gshot”.  The “Gshot” is a simple procedure whereby a collagen shot is introduced into the G-spot to enlarge it to the size of a quarter. The supposed result is increased sensitivity and heightened sexual pleasure. As part of my ongoing pursuit of achieving maximum orgasmic pleasure, this is now on my bucket list.

Has anyone had this done? Can anyone recommend a doctor that can do this in Vancouver? Perhaps someone knows a doc that would be willing to do a complimentary procedure on me and I will document/blog about the results.  I will happily donate my girlie parts to this scientific study and will then report back to the community…really…pick me!

Watch a video on the procedure here.


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When it comes to sex, no household object is off limits. Even seemingly innocent gadgets designed for health and wellness can be turned into perverse objects of sexual desire.

Take the Hitachi Magic Wand for example. Designed as a massager used to alleviate sore muscles and speed recovery, “the HV250R is the legendary, super-powerful electric massager with the soft, flexible head. If this one doesn’t provide enough stimulation, nothing will…”.

With a write up like that, are you surprised to learn that the Hitachi Magic Wand is secretly heralded as the big daddy of vibrating sex toys?

With 20 watts of vibrating power delivering 5000-6000 rpms with two speeds, this “massager” can only be objectified as the most powerful vibrating superpower known to woman.

Oh Hitachi…how I love thee.

Compared to conventional vibrators (at least any I know), not only is the Hitachi Magic Wand bigger, faster and stronger, it’s also stealthy. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it hides in plain site. Because it’s a massager (not a vibrator you dirty perv), it has no shame. It doesn’t ship in a brown bag. It doesn’t hide in a tickle trunk. It demands no excuses. And it can be picked up at Walmart for under $50.

It can single handedly produce mind blowing orgasms again and again and again and again and again and again and…(sorry, I digress). But beware. The Hitachi Magic Wand can also be used for evil and should only be purchased after reading the fine print:

The Hitachi Magic Wand may cause you to spasm uncontrollably…more than once. You may be prone to shouting unexpected obscenities and screaming which could piss off your neighbors. You may lose all desire to leave your house. If you’re single, you may never date again. If you’re married, your partner may experience feelings of inadequacy if device is used alone. Prolonged use may cause your naughty bits to become unbearably sensitive after too many orgasms and as such, The Hitachi Magic Wand is not recommended for use as a medieval torture device. Use sparingly and with caution…

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Whoopie…I’ve finally found it! A WIRELESS vibrating egg that’s worth writing home about. I know…ewww…but trust me, “The Boss” is da’ bomb. If I was equipped with boy naughty bits, I would say “The Boss” is like the Lamborghini of wireless vibrating eggs. It’s smooth, sleek the engine purrrrs under the hood…and so will yours when you take it for a test drive.

So let’s get right to the point. Compared to other vibrating eggs, The Boss is a bit of a fat head at a comfortable 4 ¼” around by 3 ¼” long. It’s made of hypoallergenic ABS plastic that is velvety to the touch making it less invasive on first impact. It is also
non-porous and phthalate-free, lubricant friendly, and easy to clean with anti-bacterial soap.

The WIRELESS remote is one of the best I’ve seen with TEN sweet settings that will keep you “guessing and waiting for your next ‘command’”. Your partner on the other hand, will know exactly what speed it’s at with one quick check of the easy to read LED digital display.

But best of all, our own ‘bedroom’ tests prove that you can fire up the engine and switch gears from over 30 feet away! Plus, it’s quiet and discrete making it the perfect toy for a naughty night on the town or my “good vibrations” fantasy.

Enjoy the ride!

Eve’s rating:

Where to buy: Forbidden Fantasies Lingerie

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What the heck is a “Vajazzle” you ask?  That’s the exact question that came out of my mouth just this morning when a friend sent me an email telling me I just had to look it up.

Vajazzle is the art of blinging out your vajayjay with bedazzling jewels.  It’s the latest trend hitting the celebrity waves…well actually, lack there of considering all the “waves” are removed first.     It’s a simple procedure that involves first waxing all hair from the pubic area, and then applying swarovsky crystals with a strong adhesive that’s invisible to the naked eye.  According to Jennifer Love Hewitt, she described this bizarre new trend saying “it looks like a disco ball down there”.

For the play by play, check out this great article by “The Luxury Spot” with Pictures included.

So now that I know what it is, this begs the question…will I Vajazzle?

Hell yeah!  Anything that makes a woman feel pretty, feminine and sexy is a good thing in my books.  It adds self confidence which helps turn up the heat in the bedroom and beyond.  And in my world, it makes for great conversation 🙂 .

At under $100 it’s the perfect gift to self or for friends on special occasions and makes for great bling on your next adult only/nudist vacation.  If you’re looking for a place in Vancouver to Vajazzle, check out Sugarbox.

Have fun and live life.  Vajazzling is definitely one for the bucket list.

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Ahhhhh….home sweet home!

After 10 days of non-stop partying in the sun with nekked, naughty friends, my poor body is in serious need of a DETOX…now that’s a sure sign of another successful “adult only” vacation…



I just returned from my second annual “adult only vacation” –  this year’s destination…Hedo II in Negril, Jamaica.  Thanks to great organizers and great friends, I had an amazing time complete with some highlights, some lowlights, some nightlights and of course some hidden gems.

The highlights:
Overall, the group that I booked with, “Hedo Kama Sutra Group”, did a great job organizing.  I was greeted warmly on arrival and was able to check in efficiently.  The theme nights were well run and it was nice to be part of a larger group with a Canadian flare.  (Thanks Sarge and Dee for putting together such a great package.)  If you’re going to experience Hedo II, I definitely recommend going with a group.  Just be sure to do as much research as possible to determine if the group is going to be a good fit for you.

We went with a great group of friends from the club.  We all seemed to play well together.  Sometimes we’d party together, sometimes apart, but more often than not, we reconnected at dinner and at the nightclub.  We strengthened ties with existing friends, and even made some new ones.

The piano bar!  Ok, don’t laugh, but one of my favorite memories of the vacation was the piano bar with Karaoke.  Yep, not only did I say the dreaded “K” word, but I even sang it.  Who knew that such a cheesy concept could be such a great party starter.  Once we found this hidden gem, we were hooked.  After dinner, many of us would head to the piano bar (pre-nightclub) to belt out Hedonistic renditions of songs like “Sweet Caroline…suck my ****” and “YMCA”.  I will never be able to erase the image of three of my friends lying on their backs, buck naked on top of the piano using their legs to sign out the letters of the song.  Bahahaha…funniest thing ever!

By day four, I was starting to get a mild case of cabin fever, so a friend and I decided we’d get in a bit of exercise and site seeing on the water.  We hijacked one of the complimentary resort tandem kyacks and ventured out into the ocean.  After about 20 minutes of paddling, we happened upon one of the hidden gems of Negril – unofficially dubbed “Lobster Island”.  Lobster Island is a very small (probably no more than 2 acres) island inhabited mostly by cats, and Kevin a budding entrepreneur.  For $15-$20 USD, Kevin will cook you up a feast of fresh fish, lobster sautéed in onions and garlic butter, and garlic toast.  You pick your own live lobster which Kevin then prepares and barbecues to perfection right in front of you on his makeshift grill.  Guaranteed, it will be the best lobster you’ll ever have.

Nude Booze Cruze – You haven’t experienced a Booze Cruise until you’ve done it nekked.  On Thursday morning, I headed down to the docks and hopped on a boat to experience my first nude booze cruze.  The sun was shining, the Jamaican tunes were jammin’, and the water was the perfect temperature.  Our Captain was very hospitable, and he managed to stop at just the right spots so we could snorkel, swim and even water slide in our birthday suits.   It was so liberating and freeing to be on the ocean “au naturelle”.

Stay tuned for:
The lowlights
The nightlife
A review of the resort
coming soon…

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Cherry50mlAdmittedly, I’m not much of a lube loyalist.  I’ve always felt that lube serves an important purpose between the sheets, but that pretty much any brand will do, and that it’s likely to come with a sticky residue and “plasticky” aftertaste.
So when I was given a chance to “field test” the new Durex Line of “play” lubes, I wasn’t exactly expecting fireworks.  But the new Durex line of lubes not only surprised me, it impressed me.  Durex managed to create not one, but four new lubes that taste great, and don’t leave that typical sticky residue.
For oral play, the “very cherry” and “pina colada” (yes, even the pina colada) flavors actually taste just like candy…even though they’re sugar free.  And for the complete ride, “tingle” and “heat” add just enough sensation to satisfy.  All four glide on smooth and stay that way, even during extended play when other lubes just dry up, or turn into a sticky, gooey mess.  And keeping safety top of mind, they’re water soluble making them safe to use with condoms.
So when you’re planning your next sexy adventure, I recommend picking up a tube of Durex Play lube, or even a variety pack and have fun trying all the flavors and sensations.  The packs are small and discreet so you can hide them away easily until just the right moment.
In the world of sex, lube always seems like the poorer cousin when compared to the next best vibrating, spinning, pop goes the weasel toy.  But for a fraction of the cost, the right lube can knock your next sexy adventure out of the park.   In my books, you can’t enjoy the ride without the glide and Durex Play lubes are definitely worth a try!

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Durex_Play_VibIf you’re looking to add a little spontaneous extra zip to your play time, check out the NEW play vibrations disposable vibrating pleasure ring by Durex.

The sugar and spice…
Like many off the shelf cock rings, the Durex Play Vibrations Pleasure ring is designed to keep him standing at attention for extended foreplay.  At the same time, the built in, mini-vibrating bullet can get her there just a little more quickly so that hopefully, you both arrive at the finish line at the same time.    According to hubby, he found the thin band and sleek design to be a very comfortable fit while the vibrating mini-bullet added to his pleasure.  For me, the mini-vibrating bullet added a little extra clitoral stimulation if it happened to land on just the right spot at just the right time.  But admittedly, it’s hard to enjoy the full benefits of a vibrating toy without more constant application and stimulation.

The combination of the cock ring for extended play and mini-vibe for enhanced pleasure  kept him on the edge until just the right moment when we could both climax at the same time, creating a more intimate and connected experience.

Unlike other similar products, the best thing about the Durex Play Vibrations Pleasure Ring is accessibility.  Picking up a pack is as simple as a trip down the condom aisle of your local Walmart store, making it a great way to add in a little spontaneous, last minute spice.  You can pick up a pack during your weekly shopping trip, or simply stop in on your way home from work and surprise your partner with a sensational little extra.

The advice…
This is a great little product that packs a powerful punch and comes from a brand you can trust.  But at approx. $13 bucks CDN, it’s pretty pricey, given the disposable nature and 20 minute lifespan. Not sure what this product costs to MFG, but if Durex can find a way to keep it under $8, they’ll have a hard time keeping it on the shelf.

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Synchrohearts –  “It is not a “sex game”. It is a “love game”, based on all of the important relationship stuff like better communication, more intimacy and lots of fun and excitement. Great sex is just one of the benefits of playing Syncrohearts.”  http://www.synchrohearts.com
Designed as a tool to get couples to learn more about each other and their relationship, Synchrohearts reminds me of many other games – roll the dice, pick a card, do an activity. In this case it’s around a board that is shaped like 2 intertwined hearts.
It guarantees more love, more laughter, and more sex…but I must confess that didn’t happen.
I have a very competitive partner, and when he found out that this is non-competitive, with no ‘rules’ and no real ‘winner’, he was turned off, big time. He found the game to be ‘just a conversation.’ So, as I pressed him to give it a chance, there was already a bias on his part. I was still game – pun intended – to see what, if anything, we would learn.
There are 4 sets of cards – Insights, 4 Fun, Couples, Hot Stuff. When you land on the designated square you pick a card and follow the directions. Simple Enough.
I found many of the questions to be on the amusing side; no deep morality or ethical questions. That’s what I really like to sink my teeth into – it spurs some great debates in our house, and that usually leads to more laughter and sex!
Half way though we stopped rolling the dice, and started to just read the cards to each other. That was better for us.
Overall, I feel that if you are playing the game to get some serious insight into your partner, or to help open up a conversation that needs some attention, this might be a little on the light side. However if you want something non-threatening to play, and aren’t looking for something serious, this may work for you.  I recommend asking your partner if they play games to win first.  That’s the biggest thing I learned.
Review by The Goddess
2 out of 5

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This past Thursday, I was finally able to nail down a piercing artist to give me the naked truth on the sexy side of piercing.  Cory from Adrenalin Body Piercing and Tattoos spent almost 30 minutes with me while I grilled him with a barrage of questions on “to pierce or not to pierce the naughty bits”.   Here’s an account of what I learned:

Will it hurt?

If this is the most important question on your mind, then I have good news and bad news.  The good news is, according to Cory, everybody handles pain differently.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, you have a high tolerance for pain and it should be no worse than getting a flu shot at the doctors.  In fact, you may even enjoy the sensation as it produces an endorphin high for some.

The bad news is that if you’re like me and have a low tolerance for pain then you might find yourself singing accapella or screaming from the rooftops.  A good piercer will recognize those fears and will work with you to get you calm and relaxed before piercing.  Unfortunately, drinking beforehand, or taking pain medications such as aspirin is definitely not recommended due to the blood thinning effects.

Despite this, Cory assured me that none of his clients have regretted piercing their naughty bits.

Why pierce the naughty bits?

According to Cory, piercing is becoming more and more socially acceptable.  It’s no longer stereotypically linked to “leather clad bikers with bad boy stigmas”.  In fact, people from all walks of life are walking through the doors of piercing studios…It could be your friend, neighbour, the girl next door, or even the CEO of a major corporation.

Some simply enjoy the endorphin rush they get from the piercing.  Others pierce to please their lovers, or to show sensual submission.   Others for the arrousing sensations.  Some just love all the fancy jewelery while others like having the naughty little secret under their clothes, unbeknownst to anyone except themselves and their lover.

Does piercing heighten arousal?

According to Cory, piercing can definately have an erotic impact as it makes you more aware of your erogenous zones.  However, he cautions that over time, the erotic sensations will dissipate as your body becomes accustomed to the feelings.  Contrary to what some may think, this does not mean that your naughty bits become desensitized, it simply means that your body has adjusted to the feelings and has “normalized”.   To bring back the erotic sensations, Cory suggests changing up the piercing on a regular basis to produce new sensations .  For example, change a barbell to a ring, or add a dangly bit to add a new texture.  If you’re considering a clitoral hood piercing, the vertical piercing produces the most erotic effect as the jewelery tends to rest right against the clitorus.

How long will the piercing take to heal?

It all depends on the location and after care.  Nipples can take up to six months to heal while the clitoral hood may heal in under six weeks.  The Prince Albert can take anywhere from four weeks to six months.  No matter what, the after care is the best way to expedite the healing process.  Keep the area as clean as possible and avoid constant friction as this may irritate the area (so wearing looser clothing would be better whenever possible).

Can I still have sex while the piercing is healing?

Absolutely!  You may just need to be a little more careful and aware to avoid injury.  You may even consider changing up sexual positions to those that are less apt to aggravate and “grind” against the piercing.  In addition, if you are playing with a “less familiar” partner, using protection and practicing safe sex is a MUST as you will be more prone to STDs during the healing phase.  Use condoms for penetration and dental dams for oral sex to avoid contact of body fluids on an open “wound”.    In fact, it’s even prudent to avoid going in public hot tubs or pools.

What are the risks?

Piercing is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.  You could be prone to any of the following risks including:

  • Bacterial infection around the pierced area;
  • Excessive bleeding;
  • Alergic Reaction – Implant Grade Stainless steal is least likely to cause an allergic reaction,  however metals such as gold (AT LEAST 18 karat), titanium, or niobium are also acceptable alternatives;
  • nerve damage; and
  • Scarring

Your best way to mitigate the risks is to find a good piercer.  ALL instruments should come from sterile packages and a good piercer will have no problem opening packages right in front of you.  If the studio uses a piercing “gun” , leave immediately.  Piercing guns cannot be sterilized and should NOT be used for body piercing.


Even though I’m still a little bit nervous about the pain, I think I’m actually kind of excited about the notion of piercing the naughty bits.   So, I’ve decided to take the plunge and will be visiting Cory at Adrenalin piercing sometime in the near future to get my piercing…stay tuned!!!


***Sugar, Spice and Sex Advice proudly supported by Club Eden – Fantasy Club for Couples***

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